SáMOS conference "Unna olbmožiid dihtii"

The Sami Parliament/SáMOS development project has a conference together with the Sami University of Applied Sciences for kindergarten researchers, pedagogues and other professionals 21-23. March. 2023 at Diehtosiida in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino.

The conference's themes are Sami and indigenous pedagogy and didactics. The results and experiences from the SáMOS project will be presented at the confenrense.

Conference language:

The conference languages are Sami, Norwegian, Swedish and English. All speaches are interpreted via digital channel between the languages. We encourage everyone to bring your own smartphone, PC or tablet + earplugs if you need to follow the interpretation channel.

Online participation:

It is possible to participate digitally. Interpretation also works for digital participation. A link to the conference and interpretation will be sent by e-mail to those who have signed up digitally.


It will be possible to set up information material at the conference such as stand table, posters and/or rollup. It is free of charge. Please get in contact with the Sami University to reserve a place.


Lunch all days and dinner on 22.3. willl be served in the canteen at Diehtosiida. Dinner Tuesday 21.3. is in lávvu outside Thon hotel. It is recommended to wear warm winter clothes.

Govven Árvu.