januar 05. beaivi 2021

Information regarding term start in January 2021

(Updated 05.01.21)

On the 2nd of January the Norwegian Government came with new infection prevention measures, to be able to remain in control of the covid-19 outbreak, and make sure that the virus doesn’t spread any further. According to the new prevention measures, they decided that all lectures will be carried out digitally until the 18th of January. These measures are temporarily, and will be in force for two weeks, from the 4th of January until the 18th of January.


Education and how it will be carried out
All lectures will be carried out digitally until the 18th of January.  Students can get more information from the coordinator of the study program.

The Ministry of Education and Research has decided that planned practicums will not be affected by the decision, and students will commence their practicums as planned. The students will receive more information about the practicums in each study program from their coordinators.

The library will be open as usual, from Monday to Fridays between 09:00-15:00. Remember to keep your distance and follow the infection prevention measures. If you’re sick, or in other ways prevented from visiting the library and need their assistance, please feel free to get in touch with them at girjerajus@samas.no

Please note that the opening hours can be revised, more information will follow

Home office
The Government has also encouraged the use of a home office for everyone who has the opportunity to do so. Sami University of Applied Sciences will follow up on this encouragement, and in that way takes part in the social responsibility to try to prevent the virus from spreading. Therefore all employees that are able to will  be working from home. The study administration will be closed until the 18th of January, but you can still reach us via e-mail or telephone.

Campus (Diehtosiida) 
The campus is only open to students and staff from 4th of January to 18th of January . Students and staff must use key card to gain access to Diehtosiida.

Entrance/student card
Usually the front office makes entrance/student cards for the new students. Due to the covid-19 virus we encourage you to order this through the study administration by mail oahppohalddahus@samas.no. Remember to enclose your name and a picture of you.

In case you have some questions
Please feel free to get in touch with us by mail at oahppohalddahus@samas.no if you have any questions regarding your term start.