October 22. beaivi 2015

Go on a north2north exchange, spring 2016!

Now students and academic staff members at Sámi University College may apply for a north2north exchange scholarship for spring 2016. There is north2north funding left that has to be used during the spring semester 2016.


You may go on exchange to the whole Arctic area, to an university or university college/ college outside Norway, that is an University of the Arctic member. The member institutions are in the USA/ Alaska, Canada, Russia, Denmark/ Greenland/ Faroe Island, Iceland, Finland and Sweden. Rea more about where you can go, here.

The duration of the student exchange has to be between 6 weeks- and 5 months. Students have to apply electronically at the University of the Arctic web site.


The academic staff should write an e-mail to lena-susanne.gaup@samiskhs.no, where they write where, when and how long they want to go on an academic staff north2north exchange.


If you want more information or you need help, please contact Lena Susanne Gaup, by phone 78 44 84 58 or by e-mail lena-susanne.gaup@samiskhs.no.