juni 25. beaivi 2018

Graduation students 2018

Students at Sámi University of Applied Science got their graduation diploma.

Eighteen students have completed the Bachelor's degree and three students have completed the Master's degree program.

The Dean`s speech to the students, Marit Meløy (Department of Language, Duodji, Reindeer and Social Sciences leader) said:

-It is the students' honour when they manage to get a degree. I hope you students have grown as human beings and developed professionally.

She reminds the students to do what works best for herself, and she reminds that it is possible to return to the academic family.

- Choose the path that is right for you right now. Even if you choose that path to work life now, it does not mean you cannot go back to an academic path again. Opportunities always come in life, says Meløy.

Seija Risten Somby pointed out in her speech that Sámi University of Applied science celebrates almost 30 years of existence.

-Many of you students was not even born then. In 30 years, we have completed extensive and crosscutting research. With that, we can facilitate our students to immerse in relevant and interesting content and subjects that are waiting to be researched, within Sámi and other indigenous communities.

Marit Meløy thanked the students for choosing Sámi University of Applied Science.


-Already when you chose to study at Sámi University of Applied Science, you clearly prioritized and chosen to emphasize the Sámi, Sámi language and indigenous perspectives. Sápmi needs your skills. Good luck!


Pictures from the event:

Govven: Nils Johan Eira