How to apply for studies at Sámi University of Applied Sciences

There are two ways to apply for studies at Sámi University of Applied Sciences: 

1)  Søknadsweb (site available in Norwegian and English)

2) Samordna opptak (site available in Norwegian, Sámi and English) 

1) Søknadsweb
If you're already a registered student at a University or University of Applied Sciences in Norway you can apply through søknadsweb, or if the study you want to apply for is not found at Samordna opptak.

Some advice:

  1. When you use Søknadsweb for the first time, you have to choose language and register a user.
  2. When applying as a non Norwegian citizen, you can choose either to log in/or register with your European electronic Id, or choose to register new international applicant through the alternative Login International Applicant. 
  3. If you have applied through Søknadsweb before, you don't have to create a new user, but log in to your excisting user by using either Feide or Logon using your 11-digit ID and PIN.If you don't remember your code, you can get a new one by using the Send new PIN code by email button.

Please note that: Requested documents supporting your applications such as graduation dipmloas, confirmation of work etc. must be uploaded at Søknadsweb when applying. Even though you have started or finished a higher education degree, we also request that you upload you high school diploma. Please consult this the entrance requirements for your desired class on our webpage, or the list of the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway ehich you can find more information about here:

2) Samordna opptak
Applications for bachelor's and professional studies must be sent via Samordna opptak. You can find more information about Samordna opptak here:

Please get in touch with the study administration at Sámi University of Applied Sciences by phone +47 78 44 84 00 or email if you have questions about how to apply.


For a step by step "how to apply", please see: