Landscape Practices Conference

The conference will be held in Guovdageaidnu from 20th to 22th of September 2022. 

The aim of this conference is to explore insights into different ways of knowing in traditional landscape practices. Therefore, we ask how relations between humans and non-humans constitute ways of knowing, and how knowing is expressed through language, stories, and placenames. The conference also explores how people perceive their landscapes as home through their gathering activities.  

The conference is organized by members of a research project called Making Knowledges Visible: Relational gathering practices and their linguistic and narrative expressions in coastal Sápmi. This project is led from the Sámi University of Applied Sciences. Other partners in the project are Mearrasiida (a sea Sámi cultural centre), Árran Julevsáme Center and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Dutkanprošeavtta joavkogovva.

Members of the research project Harrieth Aira (Árran Julevsáme guovdásj), Steinar Nilsen (Mearrasiida), Solveig Joks (Sámi allaskuvla), Stine Rybråten (NINA) and Svanhild Andersen (Mearrasiida).


Partners in the project:

The project is funded by