Gová: Anne Katja Gaup, Johtti Productions AS
September 07. beaivi 2023

Fall 2024 Study Programs

Have you started planning your studies for the 2024-2025 academic year but don't really know what to apply for?  We have made an overview of our programme subject starting in the autumn semester 2024, where the intake opens on 1 February 2024. Sami University of applied sciences has decided to initiate the following programme subjects:

- Sámegiela ja sámi girjjálašvuođa masteroahppu/Master in Sami Language and Literature

- Sámegiela ja girjjálašvuođa doavttergrádaprográmma/PhD programme in Sami Language and Literature

- Sámi vuođđoskuvlaoahpaheaddjeoahppu 1.-7. ceahkki/Sami primary and lower secondary teacher education 1-7th grade

- Sámi vuođđoskuvlaoahpaheaddjeoahppu 5.-10. ceahkki/Sami primary and lower secondary teacher education 8-10th grade


Application through: Samordna opptak

If you have not applied through coordinated admissions before, you will find guidance here: Guide on how to apply

Application deadline:

The normal application deadline is 15.04 for study programmes starting in the autumn.

If you apply on the basis of science competence or need earlier admission, the deadline is 01.03 for studies starting in the autumn semester.

Sami University of applied sciences has its own guidelines for early admission and science competence.


Admission requirements

To become a student at Sami University of applied sciences, you must have a general study qualification and master Sami. If you do not have a higher education entrance qualification, you can apply for admission on the basis of prior learning.

The basic education programmes at Sami University of applied sciences and most individual courses require a certain level of Sami skills. Some studies may have special requirements. It is specified separately under each study programme.

More information about admission requirements can be found on the page for Samordna opptak. Sami University of applied sciences' admission requirements based on prior learning can be found here: sisaváldinnjuolggadusain.

If you are from Sweden, Finland or Russia, you will find more information about the requirements that apply to you on the Samordna opptak page.


Send documentation

Remember to submit documentation that you meet the admission requirement as soon as possible after the application has been registered.


When will you receive an answer to your application for admission?

The response will be announced through the page style Coordinated admissions 20.07.

If you have applied for early admission or through science competence, the answer will be 20.05 on the page of Coordinated Admissions.



If you have any questions in connection with the application, please contact the student administration by e-mail or by phone: +78 78 44 84 00.