BA - Sierra kursa

Introduction to Screenwriting: Sámi and Indigenous Storytelling through Film

Journalistihkka. Govven: Árvu/Stine Marje Vars


Inclusion in studies
The course can be included as a supportive, elective, or free course in various bachelor’s degree programs. It is especially appropriate for students in journalism and media studies programs.

In this course we introduce students to Sámi and Indigenous storytelling through narrative fiction and documentary filmmaking. Students will learn the basics of film theory and screenwriting from a Sámi and Indigenous perspective.
Indigenous films tell our own stories from our own perspectives. Central questions of this course are the following: How do our stories connect to land, culture, and languages? How is relationality reflected in Indigenous films and what is the societal impact of Indigenous storytelling through film? What are the specific ethical frameworks when working with Sámi and Indigenous stories and communities?

We will derive at answers to these central questions of Indigenous film theory and praxis through case studies of various Sámi and other Indigenous films. Using close studies, we will define and delineate Indigenous-specific dramaturgical characteristics and narrative forms and the ways that Indigenous cultures, places, and relationality manifest in Indigenous film. Further, we will also consider the ethics of filmmaking when working with Indigenous stories and communities.

There will be three course assignments. The final exam will be a completed short film script (15 minutes), either documentary or narrative fiction.

Teaching and learning methods

- the entire course will be virtual
- lectures
- group discussions
- case studies/film analyses
- scriptwriting

Conditions for taking the exam
80 % class participation and three written case studies, each totally 1000 words.

A completed short film script, either documentary or fiction. Students will be evaluated on the structure, character development and how Indigenous cultural expression manifests in the film narrative.

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Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.

A list of the requirements for the Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway can be found on the web site from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). For language requirements we refer to NOKUT's GSU-list.
Admission may also be gained by means of other qualifications recognized as being on a par with the Higher Education Entrance Qualification, such as recognition of prior learning and work experience.


Ellen Marie Jensen