njukčamánu 25. beaivi 2021

New covid-19 measures

All lectures at the Sami University of Applied Sciences will be carried out digitally.
On the 23th of march the Norwegian Government came with new infection prevention measures, to be able to remain in control of the covid-19 outbreak, and make sure that the virus doesn’t spread any further. According to the new prevention measures, they decided that all lectures will be carried out digitally.  The new measures will take effect starting from tomorrow (25 March) until further notice is given. They will be assessed by the Government before 12 April.

Lectures and how it will be carried out
All lectures will be carried out digitally until the 12th of april.  Students can get more information from the coordinator of the study program. Exemptions are given to studies (for example duodji and film studies) that can’t be carried out digitally based on a separate risk assessment. Students that are affected by these exemptions will be given notice.

Library, study rooms and gym
We will do our best to keep the campus as open as possible for the students, meaning that study rooms, the library and the gym will be kept open until further notice is given. However, please be aware that guidelines may change following new information, new national measures or changes in the local risk assessments. If you’re sick, or in other ways prevented from visiting the library and need their assistance, please feel free to get in touch with them at girjerajus@samas.no

Home offices
The Government has also encouraged the use of a home office for everyone who has the opportunity to do so. Sami University of Applied Sciences will follow up on this encouragement, and in that way takes part in the social responsibility to try to prevent the virus from spreading. Therefore all employees that are able to will  be working from home. The study administration will be closed until the 12th of April, but you can still reach us via e-mail or telephone.

In case you have some questions
Please feel free to get in touch with us by mail at oahppohalddahus@samas.no if you have any questions.


Please be aware that these may change as we receive further information and clarifications from the Government.