Minna PE Näkkäläjärvi's picture
Minna Pirit Ellen Näkkäläjärvi
Hárjehallanráđđeaddi /Praksisrådgiver / Practice Advisor



General information

Minna PE Näkkäläjärvi has begun as a practice advisor for teachers' studies in September 2021.

Practice advisors task is to arrange practice for teachers' students. Practices are all over the Sámi, in Finland, Norway and in Sweden.


Minna PE Näkkäläjärvi background

Minna PE Näkkäläjärvi was born and lived in Finnish side of Saami, in Enontekiö. She is a member of an reindeerherding families group, called Ergons.

Näkkäläjärvi is one of the first Sámi allaskuvla teachers graduates who graduated in 1992.

She has worked as a teacher in Finland, Sweden and Norway. She has also been working on various projects, where the saamilanguage and culture development are at the heart of the project. 

Näkkäläjärvi has also working experience as the journalist and she has taken studies from journalism and film production.