Institutt for samiske lærerutdanninger og urfolksjournalistikk

Duodji (traditional Sami handicraft), design, Sámi schools and Sámi kindergartens are at the core of our section. Sámi and Indigenous issues are important areas of the Sámi University of Applied Sciences duodji and teacher programs. The duodji program includes both traditional handicraft and contemporary design. The Sámi teacher programs are in Sámi language and are only available at the Sámi University of Applied Sciences. These programs are flexible as the teachings are offered both online and by gatherings. The vision of the Sámi University of Applied Sciences is to offer a master program in pedagogics to the Sámi teacher education in the near future.  

DIN faculty (DIN - Duodji, Industry and Natural Sciences) offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor and master programs in duodji
  • Primary school teacher education: VUO 1-7 and VUO 5-10
  • Kindergarten teacher education (MOA)
  • Practical pedagogical education, PPO (60 credits)

Why you should attend these programs?

  • The Sámi society requires people with higher education in the fields of duodji and design.
  • Sámi kindergartens and schools require educated Sámi lingual teachers
  • The Sámi teacher education provides teaching competence in Norway, Finland and Sweden.
  • It is also possible to work at the majority society kindergartens and schools that require teachers with competence in Sámi language and culture.
  • PPO offers possibilities to work as an academic teacher in the secondary and high schools.