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Torunn Pettersen
Dutki / Researcher



General information

Torunn Pettersen has been affiliated with Sámi allaskuvla / Sámi University of Applied Sciences most of the time since the institution was established in1989. During the years she has had various administrative and scientific positions. Currently she holds a position as researcher (60 %) at the Giela, duoji ja servodatdiehtagiid goahti / Department for language, duodji and social sciences.

Her educational background includes a PhD in health sciences (UiT The Arctic University of Norway 2015), a second level degree ("hovedfag") in political science (University of Tromsø 1998), and a three-year education as a librarian (Statens bibliotekhøgskole 1983).

Among her research interests are

  • The Sámediggi elections – especially aspects of the Sámediggi electoral roll in Norway, as well as gender-related aspects.
  • Aspects regarding the lack of and the possible construction and use of Sámi (official) statistics, including the topic of indigenous data sovereignty and ethnicity data as a phenomenon.
  • Health and living conditions among the Sámi and other indigenous peoples.

Pettersen currently participates in one externally funded research project: The 2021 Sámi Parliament Election Study / Sametingsvalgundersøkelsen 2021

CV: Researchers CV (in Norwegian).