Bilde av Inger Anne Siri Triumf på Sami Parliamentarian Councils' Youth Conference 2017
February 08. beaivi 2017

We are at Tråante2017 in Trondheim

Sámi University of Applied Sciences at the anniversary-week in Trondheim.

Today we are at Nidelven hotel to meet the participants of Sami Parliamentarian Councils' Youth Conference. We hope to get many of them to become students at SUAS. Some of them allready are our students and others has been our students at Sámi University of Applied Sciences.

At the #Tråante2017 anniversary-week we also have our main place, where you can meet us. It's in the huge tent "lávvu", at the Trondheim square. Just speak to our nice colleague Inger Anne Siri Triumf if you have questions about SUAS

Bilde av Inger Anne S. Triumf i storlavvuen på Trondheim Torg, 6. februar 2017

Govven: Ellen Inga Turi.

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Tråante 2017 is a celebration marking the 100 years that have passed since the first congress for the Sami people. That meeting was held in Trondheim between February 6th and 9th in 1917. Tråante 2017 is both a national celebration in Norway and a jubilee for Sami people from Sweden, Finland and Russia as well.