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January 31. beaivi 2023

Unique on-line courses on special education

Sámi University of Applied Sciences offers an unique on-line courses on special education provision in Indigenous contexts from autumn 2023. Application deadline is 15th of April.

Course leader Professor Anne Lindblom tells about that two courses of 7,5 study points each are available as of now, but two more are planned, which gives the opportunity to acquire a total of 30 study points. The course PED-1001 Introduction to Indigenous perspectives on special education will start in the fall semester of 2023.

- A new theoretical framework of Indigenous and Indigenist models of inclusive equitable special education will be utilized. Indigenous Sámi and Cree knowledge holders are among the lecturers in the course for example, which will give a variety of Indigenous perspectives. The lectures are filmed, all group and individual work is done online. I will offer open office hours in zoom as an opportunity to meet, ask questions and discuss for those interested, Anne Lindblom says.

The second course PED-1002 Introduction to Sámi perspectives on special education will have the same structure and theoretical foundation and be dedicated to Sámi perspectives, foremostly in Norwegian contexts. The course language is English in both courses as we expect registrations from across the globe. Written assignments and exams can be written in English, North Sámi, Norwegian or Swedish language.