December 23. beaivi 2015

Sámi University of Applied Sciences offers PhD program in Sámi language and literature

PhD program in Sámi language and literature gives scientific research and work eligibility in the field of Sámi language and literature and corresponding sectors in which high level of linguistic and cultural qualifications are needed. The mainlanguage of the program is Sámi. 

Start of studies is March 1st 2016. The application deadline is January 15th 2016. In order to apply for admission, please complete the application form (only in Sámi). The form can also be found further down on this page.

The program is standardized to three years as a full-time job. The scope of the program is 180 credits. The program has the following structure:

        Compulsory for everyone (20 credits):

SAM 400               Philosophy of science (5 credits)

SAM 401               Ethics and Indigenous knowledge and -methodology (10 credits)

SAM 402               Academic writing in Sámi (5 credits)

        Elective advanced courses (minimum10 credits):

SAM 403               Perspectives in Sámi linguistics (10 credits)

SAM 404               Sosiolinguistic theories and methods concerning minority languages (10 credits)

SAM 405               Sámi onomastics as part of Indigenous onomastics (10 credits)

SAM 406               Sámi literature studies as part of Indigenous and minority literature (10 credits)

        Research part (150 credits)

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