What's up

Official opening
26. August, 09:00 to 31. August, 03:00

Introduction and welcome week

Introduction and welcome week program

30th anniversary
27. August, 10:00 to 13:00

Opening of the 2019/2020 academic year

Sámi University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) officially opened 1st of November 1989.

30th anniversary
31. August, 21:00 to 01. September, 03:30

Concert for students // Ivan Buljo and Sámi Grand Prix Covered

This year Sámi University of Applied Sciences is celebrating our 30th anniversary. To mark this milestone, the University launches a concert for the students with the young Sámi talented artists Ivan Buljo and Sámi Grand Prix Covered.

10. October, 16:00

Studeanttaid rabasčoahkkin / Open meeting for students

Čoahkkima sáhtat čuovvut neahta bokte. The meeting will be streamed.

Studeanttaiid rabasčoahkkin/nominašuvdnačoahkkin. Diehtosiidda kantiinas.

1. Diehtojuohkin - studeantta demokratija sámi allaskuvllas
2. Válga 2017


Open meeting/Nomination meeting for students at sami university of applied sciences. At the cafeteria of Diehtosiida.

1. Information - student democracy at Sami University of Applied Sciences
2. Elections 2017