July 07. beaivi 2022

School sessions and gatherings autumn 2022

You can find information about all our time schedules and gatherings for our different studies at TimeEdit.

This link will take you directly to an overview over all gatherings and timeschedules that have been added so far:  TimeEdit Samisk Høgskole - Sámi allaskuvla - Deaivvadeapmi/ School sessions, Deaivvad... 

If you want to see only your study, you can follow this link, and write the name of your study by choosing either kull or emne: TimeEdit Samisk Høgskole - Sámi allaskuvla 

If you're a new student and a bit uncertain about how to search for your study, you can also find a direct link to your studyplan at our webpage under Studies by choosing your study.