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Dance performance
15. August, 18:00 to 18:45

The Homeless // Elisabeth Heilmann Blind

Elisabeth Heilmann Blind is originally from Sisimiut in Greenland, but has lived in Northern Sweden for 30 years. She was educated as an actress at the Tukak Theater in Denmark 1983-1988, of which two years studies were in Butoh Dance and Noh Theater in Japan. Elisabeth works as a freelance actress and a mask dancer. She now also teaches with her workshops in Liberating Dance and Greenlandic Mask Dance all over Scandinavia, Greenland and other parts of the world. She also lectures in various contexts within dance and health. Elisabeth has been employed at Giron Sámi Teáhter and has worked in a number of different theaters, also in Greenland, as a freelancer.

Tuomas Rounakari is an internationally acclaimed violinist, composer and an ethnomusicologist from Finland. With the folk-metal band Korpiklaani and with his solo performance Shamanviolin, he plays close to a hundred live shows per year globally. He is also a music director of a theatre group Ruska Ensemble, which collaborates with first nations across the arctic areas.


Angerlarsimaffeqanngitsoq / The Homeless
The woman Meqqu, a shaman from small community in western Greenland, is assigned to the journey of her life out in the wide world. Her task is to bring back the lost soul of a young man.
The journey goes astray and suddenly it is 1978 and she finds herself in a Danish prison cell. In the same cell, a young man awakens. This artwork is a deeply personal story about failure in life, again and again becoming the victim of oneself and circumstances but still rise, move on and lead the life one is supposed to live. The work is a fiction, inspired from Elisabeth’s real life experiences and generational encounters of Greenland in past times and today. “The Homeless” is a dance performance in a set design and atmosphere created by light.

Concept and synopsis: Elisabeth Heilmann Blind
Dancer: Elisabeth Heilmann Blind
Choreographer: Ada Einmo Jürgensen
Musician / Composer: Tuomas Rounakari
Angerlarsimarffeqanngitsoq Jojk: Lars Henrik Blind