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13. October, 08:30 to 17:00


How can we curate exhibitions based on duodje ways of thinking and bring Sámi experience to a fo

05. October, 12:00 to 07. October, 15:30

Sámi Education Conference 2021

Following national advice on preventing the spread of Corona infection, have the organizers of th

30th anniversary
15. August, 08:00 to 23:00

Closing seminar for Britta Marakatt Labba

The profiled and internationally famous Sami artist Britta Marakatt Labba has been employed at Sami University of Applied Sciences since 2003 as an hour teacher and from 2015 as responsible for the first bachelor program and then the master's program in duodji. Now Britta has chosen to retire. We, at Sami University of Applied Sciences, feel privileged to have been able to have Britta as one of the staff within the duodii profession. Therefore we will organize an open seminar, where Britta will present sketches of her artistic production.  There will also be longer and shorter posts about the importance of Britta's artistry. Invited speakers are curators, art connoisseurs, art colleagues and colleagues from Sami University of Applied Sciences.

The seminar is part of Sami University College's 30th anniversary. The aim of the seminar is to build up an understanding of what Sámi allaskuvla is working on in the duodji field. The target group for the seminar will be duodji student, colleagues, duodji and art-professionals and others. The seminar will be held on August 15th, 2019, at Diehtosiida in Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino. The seminar is free, but if you want lunch and dinner, you pay for it yourself.  Register for the seminar before 10.08 on the following link: https://www.deltager.no/participant/arrangement.aspx?id=279036&hash=0BFA3B7B8AF95E74B401B0CB48B303BE

If you have any questions, please contact: gunvor.guttorm@samiskhs.no

Preliminary program:

0800-0900: Registration

0900-0915: Artistic feature: Inga Elise Påve Idivuoma

Practical information

0910-0915: Welcome: Head of Department: Marit Meløy

0915-0920: Moderator: Harald Gaski, Professor

0920-1005: Jan Erik Lundström, curator: Resistance, resilience, resurgence: Three works by Britta Marakatt-Labba

1005-1015: Coffee and tea

1015-1035: Gunvor Guttorm, Professor Sámi allaskuvla: Britta Marakatt Labbas artistic stories.

1035 -1055: Lars Sture, curator of Norwegian Craft: Why Are You Here

1055-1115: Anne May Olli, Director RiddoDuottar Museum "Brittas Stitches Visualize Sápmi's Voice"

1115-1215: Lunch

1215-1300: Katya Garcia Antón, Director OCA: Indigenizing OCA. A case study in institutional transformation

1300-1320: Kristoffer Dolmen, director of the Sami Center for Contemporary Art: Presentation of the exhibition "Textile Perspectives", Britta Marakatt Labba in harmony with colleagues

1400-1415: Coffee and tea

1415-1500: Visit exhibitions

1500- 1520: Anders Krũger (?)

1520-1540: Hilde Hauan Johnsen, professor 2 in art: Colleague Britta Marakatt Labba in pedagogy and in art

Exhibitions: Britta Marakatt Labba, Maarit Magga

Feast/Dinner: 1900-2300

1900-1915: Elisabeth Heilman Blind, perfomance before dinner