bilde av Interwoven 2017 plakat.
February 20. beaivi 2017

Alumni students take part in exhibitionproject

Alumni* students of Sámi University of Applied Sciences Maarit Magga and Ann Majbritt Eriksen are a part of exhibition in Rovaniemi and Reykjavik.

In Rovaniemi:

  • Openings in Galleria Napa and Studio Mustanapa on Tuesday 21.2.2017, at 6pm
  • Hämärä, Kilo, Lyhty ja Kajo, in the University of Lapland on Wednesday 22.2. at 5pm

Sustainability, crafts, and culture form the starting point of all the works in the Interwoven exhibition. The focus of the works is diverse—Sami duodji, nature, colours, culture, daily life, and memories—with some requiring the direct participation of the audience. The exhibiting artists and designers explore the boundaries and bridges between art and traditional crafts.

Ásthildur Jónsdóttir

The artists are:
Rakel Blomsterberg, IS
Ann Majbritt Eriksen, NO
Maria Huhmarniemi, FI
Jóní Jónsdóttir, IS
Thelma Björk Jónsdóttir, IS
Gabriel Johann Kvendseth, NO
Maarit Magga, NO
Marjo Pernu, FI
Antti Stöckell, FI
Kiyoshi Yamamoto, NO

*Alumni definition, a graduate/former student.