Information regarding the corona virus

(Updated 2th of June 2020)

The Sámi University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) has decided that it will be possible for employees to return to campus again from 13th of May. Employees can still work from home office, but no longer need to justify why they need to use the office at Diehtosiida.

Diehtosiida has been closed to all students until the summer. As of May 13, it is possible for up to 40 students to have their reading room in Diehtosiida. Read more for students menu.

All SUAS’ seminars and conferences until June have been postponed. 

National informamation sites
Do you have questions about the coronavirus? Call the Norwegian Institute of Public Health information phone: 815 55 015.

Norwegian Institute of Public Health has made brochure and video about coronavirus in several languages, such as Lule Sami, North Sami and in English.

Take a look for information on this website too: