Sámi University College was established in 1989. Nordic Sami Institute - a Sami research institution established in 1973 in Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino - was co-organized with the University College in 2005. Since 2009 Sámi University College is located in Diehtosiida (that literally means House of Knowledge). More information about the institution and the building  can be found through the following links:



The Sámi University College is a leading higher education and research institution in the Sámi territory as well as the indigenous world. The Sámi University College conducts research in many scientific fields. The research includes language science, culture, reindeer husbandry and other traditional industries, traditional knowledge and information, place names, the modern society and history; policy research at local, national and international levels, and many others. The Sámi University College actively promotes Sámi research as an integral part of the Indigenous research.

Some aspects of the Sámi University College’s research activity, is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. This is the legacy of the former Nordic Sámi Institute. The institute merged with the Sámi University College in 2005.

Sámi research has an important role in securing and promoting the future of the Sámi societies. Each Indigenous society needs to build its own scientific capacity, educate its experts and evolve on level with the majority society. 

As a member institution of WINHEC (World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium) the Sámi University College research activity follows the WINHEC Research Standards:

The Sámi University College publishes scientific journals such as Dieđut and Raporttat. In collaboration with UIT the arctic university of Norway - Centre for Sami studies, the Sámi University College has been publishing the Sámi scientific journal. It is the only scientific journal in the world published in the Sámi language and which also has referees.