North2north exchange funds for students

Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese north2north scholarships for students and travel aid for staff and faculty exchanges.
Apply by June 8th

Studeantan geahččalit eará riikkas?

Lea go hállu vuolgit lonohallamii oahppojagi 2015-2016?

Catalog of Studies 2015-2016

Check out what Sámi University College can offer you for 2015/2016.

In Memoriam Leif Rantala

In memory of Leif Rantalai (26.12.1947 – 8.1.2015)

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NASA and Sámi University College collaborates

NASA needs the expertise of Sámi University College.

Extending the opportunity for registration

to the new Master´s Programme in Sámi Journalism from an Indigenous Perspective.

Indigenous Research in the 21th Century: Workshop

The workshop was organized by the School for Advanced Studies in Social Science in Paris.