Tirsdag 20.9.2022

08.30-12.00     Registrering

09.00-09.15     Åpningsseremoni

09.15-09.30     Kulturinnslag

09.30-10.30     Konferansearrangørene gir en presentasjon av forskningsprosjektet sitt som utforsker innsikt i
                            forskjellig kunnskap om tradisjonelle sankepraksiser

10.30-11.00     Kaffepause

11.00-12.00     Keynote taler 1

                         Gunn-Britt Retter, Head of the Arctic and Environment Unit of the Saami Council -

                         Gathering practices as a sustainable practice


12.00-13.00     Lunsj

13.00-13.25     Gro Ween - Sights of Sápmi. A methodological question regarding ways of knowing landscapes

13.25-13.50     Hanna Guttorm - Váldit dušše dan ollu man dárbbaša: To take only as much as needed

13.50-14.15     Liv Østmo - Sáhttá go olmmoš hálddašit meahci ja meahccevalljodagaid?/Can humans manage meahcci (collection of practical places and relations) and the wealth of meahcci?

14.15-14.30     Pause

14.30-14.55     Ellen Marie Jensen - Gathering in the presence of ancestors: reflections on land/orality/kinship in a fjord community in West-Finnmark

14.55-15.20     Nina Smedseng - Bærekraftig Samisk reiseliv - kunnskaper og omsorg i landskapspraksiser  /Sustainable Sámi tourism – knowledges and care in landscape practices

15.20-15.45     Hannah Zimmerman - Davvieamiálbmotgielaid rolla riidaleamis dálkkádatrievdama vuosttá - geogielladieđalaš guorahallan/The Role of Northern Indigenous Languages in fighting Climate Change: A Geolinguistic Analysis

16.00            Excursion

19.00            Dinner at Sámi Allaskuvla


Wednesday 21.9.2022

09.00-10.00     Keynote speech 2

    Chief Wanda Pascal, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Women’s Council and Brenda Parlee, professor at the University of Alberta –

    “The land is our medicine cabinet” Gwich’in Women and the Importance of Biodiversity to Health and Well-being


10.00-10.30     Coffee break

10.30-10.55     Victoria Peemont - Healing Homelands: Herbs, Water, and Moral Economy of Health in the Tyva Republic, Inner Asia 

                     10.55-11.20     Britt Kramvig - Landscape of remembrance

11.20-11.45     Bente Sundsvold, Vibeke Steinsholm, Ove Stødle - To put an archive to work: bracing up local handcraft knowledge of seabirds?

11.45-13.00     Lunch

13.00-13.25     Siri Veland, Stine Bang Svendsen and Elisabeth Stubberud - Vulnerability, work, and caring in Norwegian outfields

13.25-13.50     Camilla Risvoll and Maiken Paulsen - Local stories of identity, practice and belonging in times of extensive change in the mountains of Salten, Northern Norway

13.50-14.15     Camilla Brattland, Bente Sundsvold and Svanhild Andersen - Knowing and caring about the future: The Porsanger fjord back to life 

14.15-14.30     Break

14:30-14.55     Janike Kampevold Larsen - How to care for grazing meadows and berry resources in Finnmark? The case of Empetrum nigrum

14.55-15.20     Kateryna Korzh - Wild berries in food practices and in tourism

15.20-15.45     Lena Gross - Tending to the land as acts of Indigenous sovereignty and resistance: Caring, Indigenous knowledges, and the settler colonial violence of oil sands extraction in Alberta, Canada

15.45-16.15     Coffee break

16.15-16.40     Kajsa Kuljok - Geten i det renskötande samhället - kontinuitet och förändring i traditioner / The goat in the reindeer herding society – continuity and change in traditions

16.40-17.05     Inger T. Pedersen and Randi Kaarhus - Knowing a Sea Sámi landscape in Finnmark: Transmission and re-generation of knowledge and identity across three generations

17.05-17.30     Carola Babette Kleemann & Anne Myrstad - Landscape practices in a coastal Sámi kindergarten department

17:30                  End of second session

19.00                  Dinner at Thon Hotel with cultural event


Thursday 22.9.2022

09.00-10.00     Keynote speech 3

                         Thomas F. Thornton, Professor at the University of Alaska Southeast –

     Indigenous Cultivation and Care of Berries and Berried Landscapes in an Alaskan “Wilderness” Park


10.00-10.30     Coffee break

                         10.30-10.55     Marianne Lien - ‘Fjøsgryta’; Feeding practices along the Varanger coast and the forgotten affordances of coastal environments

                         10.55-11.20     Konsta Kaikkonen - Fjordscapes and cultural translations in Unjárga

                         11.20-11.45     Jorunn Jernsletten - Cultural sustainability from a local Sámi museum perspective

                         11.45-12.00     Conference closing

12.00 Lunch