PED-1002 Introduction to Sámi perspectives on special education

  • Course code: PED-1002
  • Level: Bachelor, basic level
  • Scope: 7.5 ECTS credits
  • Over how many semesters: 1 semester
  • Course provision: The course is carried out virtually
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In this course we introduce students to Sámi perspectives on special education. Students will learn the basics of special education from Sámi perspectives. Sámi children and youth in need of special support are dependent on dominant, colonial education systems that may not align with Sámi ways of knowing, being and doing. 

This course addresses critical aspects of special educational provision such as effects of colonialism, power imbalance, relationality, minority-bilingualism, and ethical considerations in Sámi contexts. Models of disability and special education will provide a historical background to special education for Sámi children and youth. We introduce a new theoretical framework (Lindblom & Jannok-Nutti, 2022), and use it to examine current policies and legislation in relation to practice of special education in Sámi settings. A few of special education practice seen through other Indigenous paradigms and intersectional perspectives will provide a broader context. Core concepts within the field of special education such as inclusion, exclusion, stigmatization, and labelling will be scrutinized through Sámi lenses depending on the contexts of the students, and Indigenization of special educational practice discussed.

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Anne Lindblom

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Higher Education Entrance Qualification. Admission may also be gained by means of other qualifications recognized as being on a par with the Higher Education Entrance Qualification, such as recognition of prior learning and work experience. 

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