MA - single course

Master's degree in duodji

Duodji artist: Berit Kristine Guvsam
Photo; Mai-Lis Eira

  • Language of instruction: the main language is Sami, but also Scandinavian languages and English can be used. Students are expected to be able to read and use Sami, Scandinavian and English language literature
  • Place of teaching: Sámi University of Applied Sciences, Kautokeino
  • 120 credits (ECTS)

The masterprogram of duodji is a specialization- and deepening of the study in duodji and art. The aim of the program is to develop the fields of knowledge- and experience further by practical and theoretical works in duodji and art. The students shall elaborate their professional activity and critical reflection further in relation to different tasks within the field. The students shall increase their competance in planning, implementation and assesment of development and research tasks.


After passing the program the students shall:

  • Be able to develope further knowledge and skills in duodji in such a way that they in their works and assessments can show insight on a high professional level.
  • Be able to critically evaluate duodji as a cultural and aesthetic product.
  • Be able to assess duodji and art as a research field from a indigenous perspective.
  • Be able to adopt knowledge and skills in the assess and usage of research oriented questions and methods relevant for the profession.
  • Be able to further develop the understanding og duodji and art through production and preforming work.
  • Be able to elaborate the ability to plan, implement, accomplish and critically evaluate topical assignment in duodji and art.
  • Be able to adopt and elaborate on methods in duodji research and in artistic creative activity-
  • Be able to further develop sámi language usage in the framework of duodji.
  • Be able to develop creative knowledge and increase the ability fo analyse and systemise experiensis critically in duodji.

Entrance requirements

Applicants for the master program in duodji should have a bachelor’s degree, can.mag. degree, teacher education or a 3-year art education equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. The applicants must be able to confirm that they have 60 credits with a specialization in duodji at college level, and that they have competence in Sami language and duodji terminology.

Applicants can, for example, have the following studies:

  • Bachelor’s degree in duodji
  • Bachelor’s degree where duodji, Sami language and culture are a part of the degree
  • Cand.mag. degree where duodji, Sami language and culture are a part of the degree
  • Teacher education that has duodji, Sami language and culture as a part of the degree

The Sámi University of Applied Sciences may in special cases approve other competences, either as fully or partially equivalent as aformentioned studies. If they have a specialization in Sami culture, Sami language, duodji and/or indigenous crafts and arts. Actual competence is approved either as fully or partially equivalent to the aformentioned studies. Applicants who have long, prior competence in duodji and art, as well as two years of studies at college og university level can apply for the master’s degree program. Applicants may recieve approved practice or other equivalent studies as part of a three-year basic education. In special cases, an entrance exam can be conducted.


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