BA - Single course

SÁM Semester Course in North Sami language / Davvisámegiela lohkanbadjeoahppu

  • Language of instruction: North Sami
  • Study place: Guovdageaidnu
  • Studyplan, in North Sámi

Do you want to acquire as good Sami knowledge that you can take higher Sami education? Then this program is for you!

The course provides basic knowledge in Northern Sami. With text reading, you get familiar with Sami literature and other texts, and you strengthen your practical and theoretical knowledge of the language. Practical use of language is also part of the program.

After completing the program, you should be able to understand Sami both orally and in writing and understand oral and written texts. You will also gain knowledge of the language's basic elements and Sami fiction.

Davvisámegiela lohkanbadjeoahpu oahppoplána
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Entrance requirements

  • Introductory Sami language in practical situation– Part I & II or equivalent education. If it is unclear which level the applicant's language skills are, a language test can be arranged by Sami University College.
  • According to the regulations for admission to higher education, Sámi Language in practical situation – Introduction 1. Part and 2. Part and Semester Course in North Sami Language are exempted from the requirement for Higher Education Entrance Qualification. The exception applies to applicants who have a Sami connection due to Sámi Univeristy of Applied Sciences regulations. The exception applies to applicants who have a Sami connection according to the following alternatives

  •  Sami who have lost their language and want to learn Sami language, or
  •  Employees at public institutions in Sami areas who want to learn Sami language, or
  •  Others (eg, applicants who live in a Sami family or in a Sami area and wants to learn Sami)